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Basys - Table Fume Extractor


Replaces the OEM support base or table. Place the laser directly on top of the Basys for better ergonomics and space savings while extracting fumes for cleaner air. The Basys features 1-blower and high capacity 3 stage HEPA filtration for excellent performance. Great for small to mid-sized laser systems. Extracts, filters and recirculates clean air into the workspace.

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modularity for serviceablity

Our fume extractors comprise many complex electronics components and sensors to monitor and control their performance. However, we have simplified the Filtrabox by consolidating the components into two simple and removable module:

Electronics Module: This module includes all the interface, control, blower,
and power systems.

In the event of a field issue, our tech support need only focus on a basic diagnosis to quickly dispatch the module for immediate replacement.
– no tech experience required.

Extreme Air Power: dIGITAL BLOWER

All Filtrabox systems use digital blowers with hyper bearings to create powerful, reliable suction. Traditional brushed blowers inevitably wear out, lose suction and need replacement. Filtrabox’s combination of digital contactless rotors and contaminant-resistant hyper bearings allows for extreme rotational speeds and maintenance-free operation for years; more suction power – no maintenance.



As filters become loaded with contaminants over time, they become more restrictive to airflow. The intelligent flow regulator proportionally increases power to the blowers to automatically overcome the restrictions and maintain consistent fume extraction. Just enter your flow setpoint and Filtrabox does the rest. Filtrabox will also let you know when to change filters.

robust, simple user interface

The LCD and industrial keypad system offers simple, intuitive control. A fume extractor should simply keep the air clean and work when you want it to work.

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