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MICRO DTF - Fume Extractor


Micro DTF

Portable Fume Extractor for DTF Transfer Printing. Single-blower and 3 stage Hydrophobic HEPA filtration for excellent fog removal performance in a micro format. Great for roll-to-roll DTF Transfer Printing systems.

Captures the thick oily fog generated during the curing of the printed transfers. Produce quality transfers for garments and other substrates in a clean air environment – your products and employees will benefit!

Key Features

  • Automatic flow control maintains a constant extraction rate
  • Vacuum control
  • Adjustable airflow extends filter life
  • Blocked filter alert 
  • Change filter alert
  • Easy to change filters
  • Reverse airflow prevents condensation and extends filter life
  • Quick read visual display
  • Digital blowers with hyper bearings

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3 Stage Filtration: Rigid Separated Filters

Each individual filter has a specific function within Filtrabox’s 3 stages of filtration:.


Polymer Pre-filter: The liquid-resistant polymer pre-filter protects the critical downstream HEPA filter from clogging ambient dust and liquid for overload. The filter media is encased in a strong aluminum cartridge to resist contamination bypass. The high surface area mini-pleat filter media ensures high capacity and efficiency for small applications.

Hydrophobic HEPA filter: The Hydrophobic HEPA media not only resists moisture but is also extremely strong and sheds excess liquid to provide the perfect barrier to the DTF Fog. The filter media is encased in a rigid aluminum cartridge to resist contamination bypass. Learn More.  The high surface area mini-pleat filter media ensures high capacity and efficiency for small applications.

Gas Filter: The gas filter is filled with pure activated carbon to remove unpleasant odors at the molecular level. 10 lbs of the adsorption media ensure high capacity and efficiency for small applications.

Why we use individually separated filters HEPA and gas filters vs. combined HEPA/Carbon filters:

Different processes emit different proportions of particles vs. VOC gases. With individually separated filters, each filter can be replaced when it actually is spent. In contrast, in a combined filter where the HEPA and Gas filters are inseparable, the barely used HEPA filter portion may have to be sacrificed because the gas portion is spent (or vice-versa). This is wasteful and less economic.

Why are Rigid Filter Cartridges so important?

Filtrabox systems use high-pressure vacuum blowers to suction the fumes out from the DTF oven and into high-efficiency filters. As the filters load up with contaminants, the negative pressure within Filtrabox increases. The sheet-metal cabinet and seals are designed to resist deformation and air leaks under extreme pressure. Therefore, the filters must also be able to resist deformation to prevent
contaminant leakage. All Filtrabox filter cartridges are built tough, using a thick aluminum box structure to resist flex so that the rubber seals can maintain contact with the sealing surfaces. Cardboard cased filters flex and crumple
under the pressure and moisture leading to leakage of contaminants.

modularity for serviceablity

Our fume extractors comprise many complex electronics components and sensors to monitor and control their performance. However, we have simplified the Filtrabox by consolidating the components into two simple and removable module:

Electronics Module: This module includes all the interface, control, blower,
and power systems.

In the event of a field issue, our tech support need only focus on a basic diagnosis to quickly dispatch the module for immediate replacement.
– no tech experience required.

Included filters

Type Material Total Media Cartridge Type
1 Pre-filter Polymer 3 m2 Rigid Aluminum Case
1 HEPA Hydrophobicm 3 m2m Rigid Aluminum Case
1 Chemical Cartridge Coconut shell carbon 10 lbsm Rigid Aluminum Case2

Technical / electrical specifications

Quiet operation 57 db
Height 28" (71cm)
Width 10" (25cm)
Depth 17" (43cm)
Warranty 1 year
Voltage 120V or 240V
Frequency 60Hz or 50Hz
Rated Amps 8A or 4A

reverse flow configuration

Other systems route the air from the top of the filters to the bottom. The Filtrabox DTF fume extractors reverse the direction of flow, from the bottom to the top. This allows gravity to assist in draining the accumulated liquid within the filters into the built-in reservoir below for more capacity. This novel arrangement also protects the electronics and blowers from contact with the liquid.



As filters become loaded with contaminants over time, they become more restrictive to airflow. The intelligent flow regulator proportionally increases power to the blowers to automatically overcome the restrictions and maintain consistent fume extraction. Just enter your flow setpoint and Filtrabox does the rest. Filtrabox will also let you know when to change filters.



Others try to achieve space savings by offering smaller machines. But this results in less filter capacity, more noise, and less airflow.
The Slim-line design shrinks the width of the extractor and relocates critical performance features into the plentiful depth dimension, allowing for maximum airflow, filter capacity, and noise reduction in a space-saving package -no compromises. Ask us for 3D models of our fume extractors to make your interior design/workflow layout a breeze.

robust, simple user interface

Dust, splash-proof, and impact-resistant, the new membrane touchpad interface offers both improved protection against industrial contaminants and simplified intuitive control. A fume extractor should simply keep the air clean and work when you want it to work.


Extreme Air Power: dIGITAL BLOWER

All Filtrabox systems use digital blowers with hyper bearings to create powerful, reliable suction. Traditional brushed blowers inevitably wear out, lose suction and need replacement. Filtrabox’s combination of digital contactless rotors and contaminant-resistant hyper bearings allows for extreme rotational speeds and maintenance-free operation for years; more suction power – no maintenance.

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